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Consultant introduction

【Japanese lean consulting】
Charlie xie
       As a lean management change expert, Mr. Xie Baiqiu has experienced continuous improvement in service management (store/catering/sales), discrete (electronic, machine plus) and process-based manufacturing (pharmaceutical, smelting) industries, changing corporate culture and improving staff quality. Diagnostics, training, coaching, optimization, reengineering the core processes of the enterprise, and introducing the world's advanced management tools have rich experience.
       Mr. Xie provides lean consulting and training services to many foreign-funded enterprises, Hong Kong-funded enterprises, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises. These include counseling Jiangmen EMAK for a five-year lean transformation and continuous improvement system construction; counseling Guanglong egg tarts (store) to introduce lean service management system; and coaching Fujian Sangang Group's steelmaking, steel rolling, metallurgy import comprehensive standardization operation (steel industry The first comprehensive standardization operation management).

Business background:Toyota Denso       Working years:14 years, including consulting experience for 7 years
Technical advantages:Lean Operational System Assessment, Service Process Optimization, Lean Change Talent Development, Standard Operations, End-to-End Improvement, Five-Day Workshop, It System Process Optimization, etc.

➢Background information
—Formerly Japan Toyota Denso                                     TPS internal improvement expert, principal of TPS improvement Learning Association in South China of Japanese Enterprises 
—He was once a global improvement consulting group.          Senior Consultant  
—Guangdong Lean Management Research Institute                  Vice President / external tutor of South China University of Technology    
Mr. Xie baiqiu once worked as a lean improvement expert in Toyota electric equipment, the main person in charge of TPS project promotion of suppliers, and the main person in charge of learning of Japanese enterprises in South China. Responsible for the planning and overall promotion of Toyota TPS activities, the planning of whole value chain improvement activities, the establishment and implementation of whole value chain JIT (Pull Production) structure. Lean production activities are promoted in the warehouse, factory layout and inborn excellent production line design, whole factory T / T internal line change activities, standard operation, whole process Kanban pull, 5-day rapid improvement method, TPM, supplier TPS training, TPS training arena establishment, etc. 
➢Core expertise  

♦Lean enterprise transformation guidance  
♦Lean enterprise model design and evaluation  
♦Value stream analysis and improvement  
♦Policy management and strategy implementation  
♦Production plan and material control  
♦Efficiency multiplier improvement  
♦LEAN Logistics  
♦KANBAN Pull  
♦IE(Industrial engineering)  
♦Lean layout / unit line design  
♦Quick die change  
♦Standard operation  
♦Inventory reduction and L / T reduction  
♦Infrastructure construction and team management   
♦Benj Langdon  
♦Lean new plant layout design  
♦Order receiving - delivery process improvement  
♦Lean warehousing  
♦Error proofing  
♦Low cost automation  

➢Typical cases of coaching  
♦The lean transformation project of a foreign outdoor power equipment company in Jiangmen has been promoted, with 7 service periods since February 2011. It has been extended to engineering, sales, planning, procurement, shipping, human resources, finance, general affairs and other fields for three years, realizing the comprehensive lean transformation with the participation of all departments, and building into the No.1 Factory of the group.  
♦The lean transformation project of a construction machinery enterprise in Hunan Province has realized the transformation from a family workshop to a modern factory in two years. The per capita output value has increased by 45%, the inventory has decreased by 70%, the production cycle has been shortened by 65%, and the team has changed from none to steady.   
♦The Lean Project of a multi-layer PCB enterprise in Shenzhen has been promoted. The 10-month realization cycle has been shortened by 28%, the efficiency has been increased by 18%, the quality scrap rate has been reduced by 35%, the equipment failure has been reduced by 50%, and the annual benefit has been 8 million, which has become the benchmark of PCB industry.    

Toyota electric TPS actual combat record  

1、Led TPS and warehouse improvement activities in the plant, and carried out 45 Toyota efficiency plant activities in 6 years.  
2、The management system of 5 items in warehouse management has been established, including injection schedule management, goods collection schedule management, goods delivery processing management, goods delivery express management and truck arrival management. The levelized and standardized Kanban management system for goods collection and Kanban management system for products collection have been established. After 48 divisions / day of production management, the supplementary collection method has been introduced, and the warehouse area has been reduced by 53% ↓.   
3、Lead the TPS improvement activities of the company and suppliers, and complete the improvement and upgrading of the total value stream from suppliers to companies to customers.    
4、Toyota mode of production (TPS) - the implementation of Kanban pull production: the introduction of levelized and supplemented production system in the factory, and the implementation of Kanban pull production. In 2007, the model switching time of SIFs (fuel pump production line) of gas and oil business division was from 20 minutes to 48 seconds, and the production batch was from large-scale production: 2 days / lot → 240 sets / lot → 24 sets / lot.    
5、Promotion of work quantity management activities (efficiency improvement and less labor flexible production project): through the improvement of equipment and standardization of human operation, the manufacturing time of unit product is greatly reduced, the overall benefit is promoted, and the company's provincial goal of 15% ↑ is achieved annually; the work quantity reduced is combined, the personnel needed for production and production management are monitored and adjusted in time, and the personnel are implemented. The unified management and production line personnel recruitment data and process.    
6、Lead in the whole process of L / T (lead time) shortening project, through balanced production, synchronous planning, low reduction of production line lot, rapid mold change scheme promotion, low reduction of safety in stock, change of part order delivery and injection mode, adjustment of cycle pick-up, truck delivery frequency, implementation of the third-party integrated logistics, 2 years to finally realize the whole workshop L / T from 30.5 days to 12 days.   
7、In 2008, one of the persons responsible for the promotion of low cost reduction of the company: in the first half of 2008, the company completed the case of reduction of alcohol use in the factory, the case of dust-free paper supply, the case of low design cost reduction of packaging materials, the case of integrated logistics operation, etc., and completed the company's cost reduction of 4 million yuan ↑.   

Served representative enterprises    

Automobile and spare parts  

Tianjin TDS  
German Muller  
Sun spring  
Takagi Auto Parts  

Foshan Yada Auto Parts   
Changzhou Tenglong Automobile Pipeline   
Guangzhou Lingyun Xinrui Auto Parts   
New Oriental Auto Instrument  
Shanghai Shengdeman Die Casting  
Shanghai Shenya Seals  
Zigong Chuanli Technology  

Textile and clothing  

Tianjin Tiange Textile  
Jinmao clothing company  
Dongguan Xinqi Clothing  

Machining and equipment manufacturing  

Xugong Machinery  
Fujian Longxi Bearing  
Hunan Xieli Hydraulic  
Changsha Shenghong Machinery  
Huizhou Huayang Seiki  
Guanhuang Mould  
Zhongshan Jinlun Hardware  
Jiangmen Emak  
Changzhou Yongsheng Technology 

Power and accessories   

XJ Group   
Foshan Edison electric structure   
Zhejiang Tianzheng electric  
Guangdong self generated power equipment  
Foshan Edison electric structure  
Haig electric   

LED lighting industry   

Shenzhen redio Technology  

Home appliances and appliances  

Carrier air conditioning  
Midea Group  
Guangdong Weiling Electric Co., Ltd.
Dongguan LIANLI Electric Co., Ltd. 
Ningbo Yueli Electric Co., Ltd.  



Chongda circuit board 
Yunfeng Electronics
Shenzhen Topbond Electronics  
Dongguan XieShun electronic  

Chain operation  

CR Vanguard  
Kung lung egg tart  

Printing and paper industry  

China Resources Nine Star printing  
Printed by Guangzhou Xinyuan  

Steel and metallurgy  

Fujian Sanming Iron and Steel Group  
Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel  
Guilin kangmilao ferroalloy  
Jiangtong Group Guangzhou Company 

Food and medicine  

Guangdong xianle pharmaceutical  
Shandong Zhongke food  
Dongguan Guanglong food  


Fuyao Glass  

Stone, ceramics and building materials  

Globe stone  
Seagull bathroom  
Mona Lisa bathroom  
Guangzhou Desen building materials  


Foshan Hongqiao furniture  

Improve weekly customer excerpt  

1、Diagnosis and improvement week of lean operation system: Chongda circuit board (3 factories in Shenzhen, Jiangmen and Dalian), Guanghe technology, Hong Kong Yunfeng electronics, Casio, fanda electronics, Zigong Chuanli, guanhuang mould, Banlan furniture, Guangzhou company of Jiangxi Copper Group, Ningbo Yueli, Haige electric appliance……  
2、5S and visual management improvement week: Changzhou Yongzhen technology, Shandong Zhongke food, Yunfeng electronics, Zigong Chuanli, Foshan Yada, Jiangmen Emak   
3、New plant layout improvement week: season, XCMG, XJ Group, Shenzhen Topbond electronics, Mona Lisa   
4、Cell design improvement week: season, Shenzhen redio, Jiangmen Emak, Zhejiang Tianzheng electric appliance, Mona Lisa, five environmental Instrument Companies in Guangzhou, New Oriental automobile instrument  
5、Efficiency improvement week: Casio, TDK, MOLEX, volex, Jiangmen Emak, Ningbo Yueli, fanda electronics, Hong Kong Yunfeng electronics, Guanglong food, Zhongke food, Hong Kong Weiyuan toys, Xuji group……  
6、PMC improvement week: Xuji group, Yunnan Sanhe Steel Structure Co., Ltd. and guangwusuo environmental Instrument Co., Ltd.  
7、Process quality improvement week: Fuyao Group, Jiangmen Emak  
8、Lean logistics improvement week: XCMG, xianle pharmaceutical, Xinyuan printing, carrier air conditioning, Shanghai shengdman die casting, Jiangmen Emak  
9、Kanban pull improvement week: Dongguan LIANLI electric, Zhongshan Jinlun hardware, Xuji group, Jiangmen Emak  
10、TPM improvement week: TDK, Mahler, Dengfeng power, XieShun electronics, Zigong Chuanli;  
11、Team construction improvement week: Lingyun Xinrui, Shenzhen redio, Zhejiang Tianzheng electric  
12、Jingyi Daochang improvement week: Jiangmen Emak  
13、Inventory reduction improvement week: carrier air conditioning, seagull bathroom, Shanghai Shenya seal, xianle pharmaceutical   

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Contact: Mr. Wu
Add:No. 67, Jingcheng 2nd Road, Xintian Zhongxin Industrial City, Fuyong Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China
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